HP Patwari Previous Year Question Paper : Pdf Download

From these articles, candidates can download the HP Patwari Previous Year Question Paper in PDF format. To better prepare for the exam, the HP Patwari Previous Year Question Paper can be used as a practice set.

HP Patwari Previous Year Question Paper

HP Patwari Previous Year Question Paper: The Himachal Pradesh Patwari Examination, commonly referred to as the HP Patwari Exam, is a crucial competitive test administered by the Himachal Pradesh Revenue Department. This examination serves as the gateway for the recruitment of individuals to the position of Patwari, a pivotal role in the state’s land revenue administration.

The HP Patwari Exam evaluates candidates on various aspects, including their knowledge of land revenue laws, agricultural practices, horticulture, and the intricacies of the state’s administrative and revenue systems. Patwaris hold significant responsibilities, such as maintaining land records, overseeing the collection of land revenue, and actively participating in the resolution of land-related disputes at the grassroots level.

Comprising multiple-choice questions, the exam covers subjects like arithmetic, English, Hindi, general knowledge, and socio-economic aspects relevant to Himachal Pradesh. Successful candidates emerge equipped with a comprehensive understanding of local laws, land measurement techniques, and the ability to interpret and manage intricate revenue records.

Securing success in the HP Patwari Examination is instrumental in obtaining a position in the Revenue Department at the Tehsil level. This not only provides a fulfilling career but also contributes to the efficient functioning of the state’s revenue administration. Aspirants dedicate considerable effort to preparing for this examination, recognizing its significance in shaping their professional journey in the realm of land revenue and administration in Himachal Pradesh.

Benefits of Solving the HP Patwari Previous Year Question Paper 

Solving the HP Patwari Previous Year Question Paper can provide several benefits to aspiring candidates preparing for the examination. Here are the top five benefits:

  1. Understanding the Exam Pattern: Previous-year papers offer the most accurate representation of the actual exam pattern, including the number and type of questions, difficulty level, and time distribution. Solving them familiarizes you with the format, reducing anxiety and allowing you to strategize effectively.
  2. Identifying Important Topics: Analyzing past papers helps you identify frequently tested topics and recurring themes. This allows you to prioritize your study efforts and focus on areas with higher weight in the exam.
  3. Assessing Your Strengths and Weaknesses: Attempting previous-year papers under timed conditions acts as a mock test, revealing your strengths and weaknesses in different subjects. This valuable feedback helps you allocate your study time wisely and address your specific learning gaps.
  4. Enhancing Time Management Skills: Solving previous-year papers within the stipulated time frame hones your time management skills, which are crucial for success in the actual exam. You’ll learn to pace yourself efficiently and distribute time effectively among different sections.
  5. Improving Problem-Solving Skills: Previous-year papers often contain unique and challenging questions that require critical thinking and problem-solving abilities. Tackling these questions strengthens your analytical skills and equips you to handle unexpected questions on the exam.
  6. Building Confidence and Motivation: Regularly solving previous-year papers and witnessing improvement in your performance boosts your confidence and motivation. This positive reinforcement encourages you to persevere and continue your preparation with renewed zeal.
  7. Learning from Past Mistakes: Analyzing your mistakes on previous-year papers allows you to identify your error patterns and rectify them before the actual exam. This self-reflection and learning from mistakes significantly enhance your overall performance.
  8. Understanding the Marking Scheme: Previous-year papers often provide a glimpse into the marking scheme, highlighting the weight given to different types of questions and marking criteria for subjective answers. This knowledge helps you tailor your preparation accordingly and maximize your score.
  9. Familiarization with Question Style and Difficulty Level: Solving previous-year papers exposes you to the specific style and difficulty level of questions asked in the HP Patwari exam. This familiarity reduces surprises on exam day and allows you to approach the questions with confidence.
  10. Effective Revision Tool: Previous-year papers serve as an invaluable revision tool during the final stages of your preparation. Revisiting key concepts and practicing frequently tested questions helps solidify your understanding and help you retain information effectively.

By incorporating these benefits, dedicating time to solving HP Patwari previous year question papers can significantly improve your chances of success in this competitive examination.

HP Patwari Previous Year Question Paper PDF

Download the HP Patwari Previous Year Question Paper by clicking on the link provided below:

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HP Patwari Exam Pattern 

The HP Patwari Selection Process will be conducted in two phases,which are:

  • Written Test
  • Personal Interview

Here are some important points about the HP Patwari Examination Pattern:

The HP Patwari exam is conducted by the Himachal Pradesh Staff Selection Commission (HPSSC) to recruit candidates for the post of Patwari (revenue officer) in various districts of the state. Here are some important points about the HP Patwari Preliminary Examination Pattern:

  • Exam Mode: Computer-Based Test (CBT)
  • Exam Type: MCQ
  • Total marks: 100
  • Duration: 120 minutes.
  • Number of Sections: 4
  1. General Hindi: 25 questions (25 marks)
  2. General English: 25 questions (25 marks)
  3. Arithmetic: 25 questions (25 marks)
  4. General Knowledge and Current Affairs: 25 questions (25 marks)
  • Marking Scheme:
  1. +1 mark for each correct answer
  2. -0.25 marks for each incorrect answer
  • Sectional Time Limit: No sectional time limit is specified. Candidates are free to manage their time across sections.
  • Examination Syllabus:
  1. General Hindi: vocabulary, grammar, comprehension, translation, and essay writing.
  2. General English: vocabulary, grammar, comprehension, synonyms, antonyms, and sentence completion.
  3. Arithmetic: number system, HCF and LCM, percentages, ratios and proportions, algebra, geometry, mensuration, time and work, profit and loss, and simple and compound interest.
  4. General Knowledge and Current Affairs: History, geography, politics, economics, science, current affairs, and Himachal Pradesh-specific GK.

Candidates may check the table below to learn about the scheme of the HP Patwari Examination Pattern:

      SL. No.     PapersNumber of questionsMaximum Marks    Duration
      1Arithmetic2525120 minutes
      2English 2525
     4General Knowledge2525



Q1. Where can I find the HP Patwari Question Paper from the previous year?

Ans: The previous year’s HP Patwari question paper is available in PDF format above.

Q2. Is it beneficial to practice the previous year’s HP Patwari question paper?

Ans: Yes, practicing through the previous year’s question papers will help you understand the pattern of difficulty levels used by the HP Patwari.

Q3. Will the HP Patwari written tests be conducted in offline or online mode?
Ans: The HP Patwari written test will be conducted in online mode.

For any other HP Patwari related information, visit the official site:himachal.nic.in

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